Jeg fik for nylig en mail fra Giovanni Dienstmann, en af mine Mindfulness kontakter, hvor han meget præcist beskriver, hvad en konstant og regelmæssig meditationspraksis gør ved en.

“You know, with years of daily meditation, I’m not the same person I once was.

– If someone now cuts me in traffic, my natural reaction is to breathe and relax (not to tense and curse). The same thing whenever most times my computer hangs.

– I’m more at ease when going through hard conversations, or dealing with difficult people. There is an extra space before any reaction comes, which allows me to be more in control.

– Increased self-awareness allows me to stop feeding negative thoughts and emotions, before they have a chance to take root.

– Will power and concentration are stronger than ever, which means that pretty much everything else in life is easier. From making lifestyle changes to living with authenticity in relation to my true values and goals, there is less friction in making things happen.

– There is no more addiction to entertainment, and I don’t get bored either.

– It often feels as if life is a dream… So even though I participate with joy and intensity, there is this underlying feeling that nothing can disturb me, and that I need to fear nothing – because I can always accept the reality of the present moment as it is.

– My predominant mood changed from restlessness to a sense of energetic presence, peace and contentment.

There is no doubt that I still have a long way to go in this path. Yet I can see that what meditation has given me is precious – and that many people seem to want a bit of this too.” smiley

Og heldigvis kan jeg genkende det meste hos mig selv – i større eller mindre grad smiley